Diva no Mercado


(The number of kids goes from 1-7)

Jacob Dallas,Tatyana Dallas, and Luke Dallas.

Sierra Caniff,Ryan Caniff,
Elle Caniff,Brandon Caniff, and Emily Caniff

Jack G-(4)
Rebecca Gilinsky,Michael Gilinsky, Connor Gilinsky, and Austin Gilinsky

Jack J-(2)
Emma Johnson and…


100+ for more (Sammy Wilk 3)


100+ for more (Sammy Wilk 3)

Waking him up.
Aaron: Aaron was always a little moody if he had to wake up earlier than he planed. So every time you had to wake him up you placed soft kisses on his cheeks and lips, always earning a soft "morning" from him.
Cameron: Cameron was a light sleeper, you just needed to shake him on the shoulder a little and call him a few times till he was finally up.
Carter: Carter was a really heavy sleeper. You could murder someone next to him he wouldn't wake up. So every time you had to wake him up you jumped up and down on his bed making him groan and finally wake up.
Dillon: Dillon always slept like a baby. He looked so cute and innocent so it always broke your heart to wake him up. And because you felt so bed you made him breakfast every time you woke him up.
Hayes: Hayes never woke up. You tried everything possible, kissing him, tickling him, jumping up and down on his bed. The only thing woke him up was screaming into his ear. Of course he was really grump when he woke up but you made him happy with breakfast and tons of kisses.
Jack G: Jack actually was always up before you. So whenever he was late you just kissed him softly on his lips and he was up kissing you back immediately
Jack J: Jack liked to be woken up by you. He always told you that. So whenever you had the job to wake him up you planed something cute. Sitting on his lap and kissing his neck softly was always his favorite way.
Jacob: Jacob always went to bed really late so you had to wake him up at noon time which wasn't hard at all. You just softly kissed him and hummed his name into his ear, earning a soft smile from him every time.
Matthew: Matthew was always up whenever you just kissed his cheek but he was a little stubborn and acted like that he didn't hear you so you always had to act like you were mad at him so he would finally wake up.
Nash: Nash was really like really moody. He would be mad at you for about twenty minutes for waking him up But you were okay with it because you were also really moody.
Sammy: Sammy could hear anything whilst he was asleep. If you would just moan a little he would hear it and wake up in a second. So every time you had to wake up your boyfriend you moaned his name playfully into his hear making him wake up and grab you and kiss you in a second.
Shawn: Shawn always woke up whenever he smelled you cooking downstairs. So you had to cook one of his favorite meals to get him out of bed.
Taylor: Taylor was really cuddly and sleepy. Waking him up was really easy just a little kiss and whispering his name got him up. The real challenge was keeping him awake during the morning.


Just imagine having a threesome whit Nate and Sam…
Should i do a imagine like that???

Listen up……..


The Nate Maloley Imagine tag is getting dry 😒😒 so everyone start making more Nate imagine 😊😘


Hey guys :) I just wanted to tell you (if there’s someone out there that cares) that I’m taking part in an exchange program to Spain, so I won’t be active for 10 days and I won’t be able to post the requested imagines :( I’m sorry :(

Can you make me a nash imagine where we're doing a 'boyfriend does my makeup tag' video? My name is Maddy.


What a cute prompt!  I really hope you like this, nashty—-grier, because it was so much fun to write!

"MADDY!" Nash screamed in your face as soon as you walked through his door.

"NASH!" You screamed back, confused.

"I need your help!" He said seriously.

"Oh my god, what’s the matter?" You demanded.

He took a deep breath, like what he was about to say was very hard, “I need you to be in a video.”

You smacked his arm, “Hamilton!”

He ran for cover, laughing.  You weren’t finished yet, “I thought you were being serious!”

"I am!" He said, crossing his arms, "Like, a shit ton of fans have requested that we do the ‘boyfriend does my makeup tag’ in a video.  I have the boyfriend part," he gestured to himself, "now I need the girlfriend part!" He gestured to you.

You sighed, “But Nash, you don’t know how to do makeup.”

He waved his hands dismissively, “Sure I do.  Please, Maddy?!”

You sighed again, “Fine.”

He cheered and went to set up the camera.  You groaned, wondering what on Earth you’d just gotten yourself into.

Nash waved at the camera, “Hey guys!  You all know my girlfriend Maddy.”

You smiled, “Hi!”

He continued, “So, thousands of you guys have requested we do the ‘boyfriend does my makeup tag’, so that’s what we’re doing today!”  He picked up a bag of your makeup, “This is Maddy’s makeup.” He patted your head, “This is the girlfriend.” He pointed to himself, “And this is the boyfriend!”

You laughed, “Just get on with it, dork.”

He saluted, “Yes of course.” Throughout the rest of the video, you could feel him using little brushes and appliers on your face, and he kept up a running commentary for the fans in various silly voices.

Your back had been to the camera so the fans could only see Nash’s face. “FINISHED!” He announced, spinning you around and holding up a mirror for you to see.

You blinked. Then you blinked again, “Uh, Nash, sweetie, there’s no makeup on my face.”

"I know!" He said proudly.  Then, to the camera, "I keep telling her that she’s beautiful without makeup, but she doesn’t listen to me!" You were blushing bright red at this point.  Nash grinned and said, "Maybe this will convince her otherwise."

You tackled him in a hug as he turned the camera off.  ”I love you.” You told him.

"I love you too." He said, kissing you.